International Studies

My classes this semester were awesome. I had some of my favorite professors, i’ve written papers on some of my favorite topics, and i’ve spent quality time with my best friends. I’m incredibly happy with my choice of majors and if you’re considering pursuing a degree in International Studies I highly recommend it! Here’s a brief overview of the classes I took this semester.


Survey of French Literature Since 1800

FR4163 — Dr. Logan Whalen

This course treated french-language texts from French authors from 1768 to 2005. I am extremely happy that I took this course. Dr. Whalen was very personable and the course expectations were clearly outlined from day 1. Some of the texts were rather long; however, the readings were generally spaced out and it was always very manageable. My favorite texts from the class were Rene (Chateaubriand) and Magnus (Sylvie Germain).


Arabic Literature and Culture

MLLL-3413 — Dr. Waleed Mahdi

This class used film and literature to gain a sampling of popular themes discussed in media from the Arab world. I’m not a fan of movies so I thought the course was a little movie-heavy for my taste. One book, The Journey of Ibn Fattouma, was particularly fun to read.


US-Arab Cultural Encounters

IAS-3783 — Dr. Waleed Mahdi

The readings for this class were mainly focused on presenting the main theories one comes across when studying the Middle East (Orientalism, Occidentalism, post-Orientalism, Class of Civilizations, etc). I found this ideological overview to be helpful in my other classes.

** I wrote a combined final paper for both of Dr. Mahdi’s classes comparing Kanye West and Shaaban Abd Al-Rahim and their representation of marginalized communities

Advanced Arabic

ARAB-3223 — Dr. Hossam Barakat

The vocab we learned in this class has already proved to be useful. I think this class gave me a great base to work with when I take Media and Politics next semester. I appreciated the mix of grammar, culture, and vocabulary.

Arab Spring

HON-3993 — Dr. Joshua Landis

Another wonderfully informative class from Dr. Landis. I am never disappointed with his courses. The assigned readings are perfect for gaining insight into the political landscape of the Middle East. I wrote 3 papers for this class: a paper on the Egyptian Revolution, a paper on ISIS and Syria, and a paper on US-Saudi relations. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to IS students who are interested in geopolitics, the Middle East, and International Relations.

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