How to Survive Living with Your Best Friend

I’m living in an on-campus apartment with my childhood friend Jillian, Lamis, and a girl named Celeste. Before this semester began I was told by a lot of people that living with my best friend was a horrible idea.

I’m took Political Islam, History of the Middle East Since WWI, Youth in Iran, and Macroeconomics with Lamis. She’s also the TA for my Advanced Arabic class. I’d heard stories of people living with their friends and how spending too much time together could be detrimental to a friendship. I’m lucky that for us this wasn’t the case.

Take time for yourself

Lamis and I have developed the ability to understand when we need space. We each take time in the morning and at night to sit in our rooms and watch Netflix or eat by ourselves. Having other friends is also important. It’s nice to be able to spend time with other friends without and jealousy.


Taking almost every class together made it really easy to compare ourselves to one another; however, we both decided from the very beginning that this wouldn’t help either of us. We each have our own strengths and skills. Instead of competing with each other we’ve used each other as a resource. She proofreads my Arabic essays and I proofread her English essays. We support each other through stressful times and are proud when the other succeeds.

Talk it out

Whenever get annoyed with each other or hurt each others feelings, we give each other some space and then talk it out. I think one of the main things that has helped us maintain our friendship has been constantly talking. We talk all the time about big things, little things, each other, ourselves, and other people. It really helps to have someone listen to your problems, especially when you know the other person isn’t going to try to solve everything.


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