Egyptian Club

I’m still involved in the Arabic Flagship as student, a tutor, and a TA. Through Flagship I founded the Egyptian club last year with my friends Lamis and Youssef. We try to offer a wide variety of perspectives relating to Egypt in order to give students the most accurate and complete information. Egyptian club met weekly on Fridays to discuss political, cultural, and linguistic elements of Egypt and Egyptian Arabic. I visited Egypt last December and I’ll be visiting again this December. I have been studying Arabic for the past 3 ½ years and I have chosen to focus of the Egyptian dialect. Through my travel and studies, I have grown to understand and appreciate complex political and social elements of Egyptian society. In Egyptian Club, I gave a presentation on Sha’abi music and the different iterations of Sha’bi both past and present. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with other Flagship students and I hope that in doing so, I can help to shed light on a country that is often misunderstood. I love discussing cultural and linguistic differences between Egypt and other Arab countries so that I am able to better understand the Middle East. I plan to continue my involvement in Egyptian Club until I graduate in May. After I graduate I hope that Youssef will continue to hold club meetings and keep the club alive.

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