Arabic Flagship

This semester I participated in the Drama club and the Poetry club through the Arabic Flagship. I also worked as an Arabic tutor and a TA for the Beginning Arabic continued class. The Arabic Flagship helps students studying Arabic achieve a greater level of proficiency in a shorter amount of time. The Flagship hosts weekly meetings in Arabic to discuss cultural and linguistic topics. This semester OU hosted several guest speakers through the Flagship program. The topics ranged from Political Cartoons, to Study Abroad opportunities, to Music.

The poetry club was hosted by my friend Sophie and Ustaaz Hossam Barakat. I thoroughly enjoyed this club because I was introduced to a wide variety of poetry from all across the Arab world. I discovered a wonderful Egyptian poet named Ahmed Fouad Negm and I performed one of his poems at the annual Arabic Flagship Talent Show. My favorite poem that we studied in poetry club was probably Kalaam by Mashroa Leila. This song was written as a response to the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting.

The summer after my freshman year I studied at the University of Texas and participated in the Arabic Summer Intensive program and I’ve just applied to study next summer in Oman. I’m so thankful for the opportunities afforded to me through the flagship program. The people that I’ve met and the connections that i’ve made have helped me to continuously challenge myself on my Arabic learning journey.

I would encourage any Freshman who are considering applying to the Flagship to contact me with questions. I truly believe that Flagship helps students who are serious about Arabic reach their full potential.

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