Muslims In The Iraq War: A Cinematic Perspective

On Wednesday, November 1 I attended the lecture with Dr. Kristian Peterson entitled “Muslims In The Iraq War: A Cinematic Perspective”. I’m taking a class in Arabic called “Media and Politics” and the professor decided to replace our usual class with this lecture. I’m not sure what I expected from the talk; however, i have to admit that I was a little let down. I am not interested in film at all and I the only movies that I watch are the occasional documentary. Dr. Peterson talked about a set of war films that I had obviously never seen. I think that the talk might have been more interesting if I had seen the films that he based his lecture on.

Dr. Peterson’s position was that Muslims in the Iraq war were portrayed unfairly in film, thus making the intended audience of these films more likely to view Arab Muslims unfavorably. While I agree with his point, I think that his lecture was a little one-sided. I think that he did a good job of proving how these movies portrayed Arab Muslims in a negative light; although, I think he failed to provide enough evidence to show a link between these films and public perception of Arab Muslims. I would have liked to see Dr. Peterson spend more time developing the second part of his position.

Overall I think that talk was mediocre. I think that for someone who is interested in film this lecture might have been more interesting.

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