Arabic Flagship Talent Show

On Friday, December 1st I attended the Arabic Flagship Talent Show. Each club and Arabic class (except for the 4000 level courses) is expected to produce a video, sing a song, or display a talent for the talent show at the end of the semester. Since I coordinate Egyptian club, i was involved in creating a video for the talent show. We coordinated with Darija Club (Darija is the dialect of Arabic spoken in Morocco) and produced a video together. Our video was composed of skits poking fun at the difference between Morocco and Egypt in terms of language and culture. Every year the talent show is catered by a Moroccan family from Edmond and the food is always amazing! There was chicken, kebab, bread, rice, tabbouleh, hummus, and salad. The show began with a performance by the belly dancing club. I enjoyed their performance because they danced to one of my favorite songs in Arabic. I was really happy to see the video produced by the class that I TA. Most of the students in Beginning Arabic really pushed themselves to demonstrate their language skills. I like to go to the talent show because it is an opportunity for students to show off their abilities in Arabic. The talent show is an opportunity for people to come together and appreciate Arab culture and the Arabic language.

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