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2hwa Culture in Cairo

The 2hwa (pronounced aah-wuh)  is such a beautiful thing. 2hwa (or قهوة) can mean coffee or coffee shop. There are different kinds of 2hwas and they’re made for different kinds of people. Some 2hwas are...

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International Studies

My classes this semester were awesome. I had some of my favorite professors, i’ve written papers on some of my favorite topics, and i’ve spent quality time with my best friends. I’m incredibly happy...

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Egyptian Sha’bi Music

Egyptian Sha’bi Music Sha’bi music is a style of popular working-class music which evolved from baladi, an urban folk style originating in the Egyptian countryside, in the second half of the 20th century. This...

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Travel: Italian Adventure!

When studying abroad in Europe travelling can feel like an obligation- you’re so close to everything! I’ve decided to write a series of posts which will be personal reflections about the trips I’ve taken...